Training the fillies at the farm

These are the three fillies we will follow. They are between 25 and 27 months old. The are still immature looking. They are like teenagers. So they have been getting taller and starting to fill out. They were all broken and ridden a little early this year and then have been turned out to grow. They are put on the Eurociser about twice a week and jog in both directions about 20 minutes with some equipment. The footing is sandy so I hope that they are starting to "discipline" their muscles to do some work. In September we should start riding them. Our hope is to have them racing before the end of themeet in Tampa Bay Downs.

Of course this all depends on how each one developes. We train when they are right and back off when there are any little setbacks. I will evaluate their conformation and weaknesses soon. We always train to the weakest point of the horse.


This is Princess



This filly has the most balanced body at the moment and seems to have a good mind.She is willing and easy to be around. Her sire is Secret of War…has a few foals…this is his first crop.


This filly is by City Place. She is the most well bred of the three. She has a half brother who made 140k so on paper she is the most promising. She is the tallest but I would like to see her chest fill out as well as her rear. She may be slower developing and has a tougher personality than the other two. We shall see..


Beauty is by Indian Ocean. She is aggressive and though she was the smallest of the three, she is now catching up and has the most personality.

This is Beauty

Janet delcastillo 2013